Collection: Native American Brooches, Pins and Pendants

Discover the enchanting world of Native American pendants and brooches with our captivating collection. Explore the rich traditions and cultural heritage of indigenous tribes through a diverse range of handcrafted pieces. Adorn yourself with the vibrant beauty of Navajo turquoise pendants, the spiritual symbolism of Navajo kachina pendants, and the strength and power of Navajo bear pendants. Embrace the iconic naja pendants, the timeless elegance of Navajo turquoise heart pendants, and the intricate designs of Zuni pendants. Experience the spiritual connection of Navajo turquoise cross pendants, the desert-inspired beauty of Navajo turquoise cactus pendants, and the symbolic allure of Navajo thunderbird pendants. Each pendant and brooch tells a unique story, celebrating the artistry and symbolism of Native American jewelry-making.